CRS 60 Detachable Door Feeder Pillar - 360mm Wide

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 CRS 60 Feeder Pillar


This galvanised Feeder Pillar with 

detachable door, is a good alternative

to The Haldo 146.

Manufactured from 3mm steel and Hot

dipped Galvanised BS EN ISO 1461.


Pillar Specification


Weight : 34 kg

Working Depth : 130mm

Door aperture : W 342mm x H780mm

Backboard : 12mm Fully Treated Ply

Back Board Size : W 350mm x H 800mm

Construction : 3mm Steel

Corrosion Protection : Hot Dipped Galvanised 

BS EN ISO 1461

Door : Single Door Lift Off

Door Lock : Tri Head

Root : Fixed (not detachable)

Door Label : Hazard Warning to BS 5378.


Delivery 3-5 Working days 



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CRS 60 Feeder Pillars

Pillar Specification
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