CR Solar Smart



This split type led lantern and solar panel offer

the ease of installation for non south facing

installations, this is a very versatile Solar LED

Light. Its lightweight and slim line design makes

it ideal for any environment and uses the latest

solar power technology and Lithium LiFe PO4

battery which delivers outstanding performance

even in the winter months.




The CR Solar uses the very latest LED

Technology that ensuresmaximum brightness

ensuring light levels remain Brighter for longer.




The CR Solar Smart uses new generation light

weight high qualitity Lithium LiFePO4 battery

is designed to exacting standards and deliver high

power and longevity. The lithium batteries are

charged for maximum efficiency using the

intergrated charging circuit and constantly

monitors the state of batteries to optimise the

charging levels.




An important part of the CR Solar Smart is its

ability to preserve battery autonomy for maximum

reliability even in overcast weather conditions.The

intelligent operating profiles that can be

programmed into the system allow for a change

in illumination levels throughout the night; with the

addition of the Smart Eye motion sensor,

illumination levels will self regulate upon detection

of movement throughout the evening which

further improves battery autonomy.




1. The CR Solar Smart automatically switches

on at dusk.


2. The LED switches 0n to 30%power - This

ensures the lit area has safe ambient light .


3. When the PIR sensor is triggered the light

mode switches from 30% to 100% brightness-

This ensures that when needed the area has

maximum LUX levels.


4. After movement has stopped for a 30

second period the LED switches back down

to 30%. This ensures that the available charge

in the battery isused to its maximum benefit.


5. The first mode continues for 8 hours after

the unit has been activated by dusk. If dusk is

5pm then the light will perform as above until

1am- if dusk is 8pm then the light will continue

in the above mode until 4am and so on.


6. Mode 2 - After 8 hours the light switches off

and goes into standby. This standby mode will

continue until dawn and if during this this time

any movement is detected by the PIR sensor

the LED will instantly switch into 100%

illumination untill the movement has stopped.

After a further 30 seconds of zero movement

the light will go back into standby.


7. At dawn the light turns off and back into

charging mode.



Light Source : 10 watt Samsung

Colour Lamp : 5000 - 6000 k

Solar Panel Power : 40 watt

Battery Capacity : 18 Ah

Output Voltage : 12.8v

Working Temp (charging) : 0 degrees C to +60 degrees C

Working Temp (discharging) : Min -20 degrees C to +60 degrees C

Lumen Output (full power) : 1300lm

Lumen Output (dim power) : 390lm

Working Time (full power)* : > 2 Days

Working Time (dimmed)* : > 7 Days

Recommended Mounting Height ** : Up to 5m

Dimensions (mm) : 1143x306x59mm

Windage: 0.04m²


 * Based on 8 hours light per day. Standard

Installations will provide working time periods

in line with the dimmed operating mode.


**Height and distance values shown are based

on achieving S5 lighting standards (unless

otherwise stated) to EN13201 lluminance

using 2m wide footpath and Samsung 5630

round beam luminance.

Delivery 10-12 working days.


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