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  • Weight 100.00

 The CR Hornet Column Protector


A unique wrap around jacket with a foam core,

colour yellow and black to highlight and protect

vulnerable lamp posts.


Moulded in the UK from 100% recylable Polymer,

this is a tough modular kit that will take the

bumps and knocks associated with Lamp posts

in car parks and vulnerable locations.


Your Lamp post will be seen from distance with

this vibrant colour and polymer foam kit.


Parking distances can be better judged by the

vibrant colour recognition rather than the dull

galvanised finish of lamp posts.


Installation is a simple process of 4 no polymer

sections each with 4 no stainless steel screws

with 3mm Allen key head (Allen key provided),

and top finished off a diamond grade reflective 



This column protector will reduce impacts and 

claims from staff/customers wanting to recover

costs for damaging their vehicle when using

your facility.


Standard stock size:

(to fit standard 4-6m Lamp Columns)

Base: 140mm

Shaft: 76mm

Overall Height: 1200mm

Total Diameter: 250mm


Delivery: 3-5 working


Other sizes are available on request.


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Hemel Hempstead,Hertfordshire, UK