CR Column Trolley

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  • Weight 100.00

Column Trolley


The following  is suggested method of handling

columns and mid-hinged columns from vehicle

to site.Installationdetails and site considerations

are to be taken into account, and normal risk

assessments are to be carried out for the full

installation process.


Although columns can be lifted and carried to

site, the suggested method of handling would

be to lay the  base section of the column in the

trolley, securely strapping intoposition. This is

achieved with a ratchet type strap to enable

secure transpotation to the location of the

foundation hole.


The column can then be lowered into the ground

by either un-strapping from the trolley and lifting

the column and gently lowering into position with

the trolley still attached. The trolley can then be

un-strapped whilst the column is already in the



Ideal for footpath installations and areas hard

to access with a vehicle.


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