The CR JADE LED is a high quality, low cost

solution to replace existing sodium discharge

and compact flourescent luminaires on minor

roads and residential areas.




Elegant, simple and state of the art design.

Replace conventional LPS/HPS/CFL Lanterns at 

extremely low cost.


Superior luminaire efficacy up tp 100 lm / W


Superior Thermal management


Lantern Information


Light Source: Philips Lumileds LUXEON TX


Number of LEDs: 12

Correlated Colour Temperature: Neutral white,


Glare Rating : G3

Colour Rendering Index : > 70

Optical Cover : PMMA Lenses

Luminaire Luminous Flux:

Luminaire Efficacy :

Electrical Class: I

Control System Input : 1-10V and Dali

Lumen Maitenance Output :

L80  > 100,000 Hours(1000mA, Ta 15 degrees C)

L90  > 100.000 Hours (750mA, Ta 15 degrees C)

Driver Current : 650mA

Surge Protection :

Dimming Control : Dynadimmer

Lighting Regulation : NEMA Socket

Operating Temperature :

-40 degrees C to +25 degrees C (1000mA)

-40 degrees C to +40 degrees C (350mA)

Installation Height : 3 - 6m

Installation : 60 - 76mm post top Stock, Side Entry

34mm - 42mm (available on request)

Post Top Mounting : -10 ,-5 , 0 , + 5, +10 degrees

Material : Marine Grade LM6 Aluminium (Housing)

Ingress Protection : IP66

Wind Area (SCx) : 0.035m2

Weight (Total) : 4.5kg


Post Top 76mm Stock item, Side entry

available on Request.


Delivery Timescale 3-5 working days


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