CR Acro Part Night Cell

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  • Weight 100.00

The CR Acro Part night photocell is the ideal

unit for applications where energy saving

is vital, but the cost and comlexity of a

remote monitoring and control system is

not justified. It is cost effective to purchase,

simple to install and offers cost savings

from day one of operation.





Standard Switching Level: 35 Lux `On' , 35 Lux `Off '.


Part-night switching : On dusk - Off 0.00 - On 5.30 - Off Dawn


Switching Differential: 1:0.5


Operating Voltage:  195 - 265 Vac, 50/60 Hz.


Maximum Lamp Load:  7 Amps


Circuit Power Consumption:  < 0.25w.


Operating Temp Range: -20 / +70 Degrees C.


Warranty :  7 Years.


IP Rating : IP65 Dust and water sealed.


Standard Programme: Dusk `On' / 24.00Hrs,`Off ' 05.30 Hrs `On '/Dawn `Off '


Manufacturing Standard: IS EN ISO 9001:2008


Photocontrol Standard: Applicable parts of BS5972


UMSUG Code:  94 0001 1000 100


One-part nema socket mounted



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CR Acro part night photo cell
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