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Column Door Keys 

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 Here at C&R Outdoor Lighting we have a range of exterior lighting column door keys. Our column door keys range from a tri-head key to an anti vandal allen key. 

C&R Outdoor Lighting has many years of experience in the industry, you are sure to find a suitable lighting column door key with us. For more advice and assistance in choosing the right product for home or business, please call us on 01923 269474 or email us at

6074 Trio Key

Picture of 6074 Trio Key
Three way foldaway key. 6074 key consists of the following. 1 x 6mm Tri Head Key 1 x 8mm Tri Head Key 1 x 10mm Tri Head Key


6075 Trio Key

Picture of 6075 Trio Key
Three way fold away key. 6075 key consists of the following. 1 x 6mm Anti Vandal Key 1 x 8mm Anti Vandal Key 1 x 10mm Anti Vandal Key


6079 Trio Key

Picture of 6079 Trio Key
Select any three key numbers from the Pudsey Diamond keys and we will build for you. PLEASE ADVISE KEY NUMBERS AT TIME OF ORDER


CR 7000 4 Way Key

Picture of CR 7000 4 Way Key
Key consists of 6004, 6020, 6036, 6063.

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